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Latest Updates

Why Faking It ‘Til You Make It Is Terrible Advice

Six months ago a journalist asked me for some tips for an article about self-confidence she was writing for Monster.com. I sent her some nuggets of wisdom that I thought were pretty good, and she … Read More.

The Extinction of Over-Confidence

Sometimes you see someone and think they're over-confident. They'll be loud, brash and make it all about them. They'll make assumptions, believe they're right and expect everyone else to think … Read More.

How to Stop Being Socially Awkward

Clammy palms. A racing heart. A plunging in your stomach, or a sense of impending doom. The awkwardness that comes from standing in a room surrounded by the pressure to socialise makes a lot of people … Read More.

5 Massive Signs You’re An Arrogant Ass-Hat

Confidence is a Good Thing. You can quote me on that. Maybe write it down on a slip of paper and bring it out when you hear someone say that confidence is a Bad Thing. “Aha!” you can shout, “look, … Read More.

Fuck the 5 Year Plan

A lot of people have big plans. Maybe you’re one of them. Carefully constructed with strategies, tactics, vision boards, mission statements and publicly declared goals for accountability, people … Read More.

You Can Never Disappoint Me

Fuck up and I won't think less of you. It doesn't matter if you find out you've been wrong or that you've missed something important. I know you're good enough, no matter what. Being scared … Read More.

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