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Latest Updates

Confidence Is Not Glass

Confidence is many things, but it's not glass. If your confidence cracks when you're feeling down or when you don't know which way to go, then it's not confidence. If your confidence splinters … Read More.

The Boom & Bust of Confidence

Finding that your confidence has dropped always comes as a surprise, because you rarely notice it happen. One day you're out there doing things confidently, then time goes by and you suddenly realise … Read More.

Q&A: Do Confident People Ever Need to Be Comforted?

Question: Do self-confident and successful people ever feel the need to be comforted by someone? Hell yes. To me, the thought that self confident people don't need support, help or guidance from … Read More.

How to Get Bullet-Proof Confidence

Bullet proof confidence sounds good, right? Take everything life throws at you and shrug it off. All those people taking shots at you, and you don't give a flying fuck. All the naysayers, critics … Read More.

You Don’t Have a Freakin’ Clue

Life is hard. I've learned that...the hard way. Twists, turns, slaps and roundhouse kicks. Life is full of surprises. We all go around pretending we know what's going on. That we have our … Read More.

3 Reasons You Keep Losing Confidence In Yourself

Everyone has moments when self-confidence seems to vanish quicker than a shiny election promise. It's frustrating, especially given how far you've come and everything you've done. As soon as you … Read More.

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