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The Code helps you show self-doubt, second-guessing and people-pleasing who's boss.

It builds on what you already know, leverages your natural inner confidence (yeah, you have it) and takes you to a place where you're ready to get out there, be yourself and put your dent in the universe.

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Latest Updates

Is Taking Offence the New Black?

Cecil the lion. And that Dentist. Starbucks cups getting de-Christmas'd The Stanford rapist outcry. Poor ol' Harembe the gorilla. And then, of course, you have all the cooties. And you … Read More.

How The Need to Be Right Will Royally Fuck You Up

My eyes flicked open on June 24th, just after 6am, the alarm not really an alarm at all, but a shuffled playlist of 200 of my favourite songs. What can I say, I prefer to ease into the day with a song … Read More.

How to Confidently Say No Without Being An Asshole

Can you just do me a quick favour? I need you to drop what you're doing, run down to the end of the road, flag down a car, take a ride to the mall and get hold of some floral print wallpaper, a … Read More.

5 Ways to Be More Confident than Trump

Donald Trump sure looks to be confident, right? Here's a little something I put together that goes through five ways I think Mr Trump mistakes bluff, bluster, arrogance and real, natural … Read More.

Success Can Go Shove Itself Up Its Own Ass

I do / don't want be successful. Part of me is scared of it because, shit, how do I keep it going? What happens with that extra pressure? And what if it all crumbles around me and all I'm left with … Read More.

3 Ways to Stay Confident After Graduation

When you graduate, taking your first steps out of College or University into the big, bad world is, how to put it... ...a little bit fucked up. The structure and support of your education and … Read More.

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