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It builds on what you already know, leverages your natural inner confidence (yeah, you have it) and takes you to a place where you're ready to get out there, be yourself and put your dent in the universe.

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Latest Updates

Q&A: Do Confident People Ever Need to Be Comforted?

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How to Get Bullet-Proof Confidence

Bullet proof confidence sounds good, right? Take everything life throws at you and shrug it off. All those people taking shots at you, and you don't give a flying fuck. All the naysayers, critics … Read More.

You Don’t Have a Freakin’ Clue

Life is hard. I've learned that...the hard way. Twists, turns, slaps and roundhouse kicks. Life is full of surprises. We all go around pretending we know what's going on. That we have our … Read More.

3 Reasons You Keep Losing Confidence In Yourself

Everyone has moments when self-confidence seems to vanish quicker than a shiny election promise. It's frustrating, especially given how far you've come and everything you've done. As soon as you … Read More.

Q&A: How to Be a Force to be Reckoned With?

Question: How do you make sure that you are perceived as a force to be reckoned with? Some people just have a presence in a room and it's felt by everyone without a doubt. How do you achieve … Read More.

Your Comfort Zone Isn’t the Enemy

There's nothing quite like a warm bed on a weekend morning. The ability to luxuriate in the comfort and simplicity of that is something that, after considerable practice, I excel at. But comfort … Read More.

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