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Latest Updates

You Can Never Disappoint Me

Fuck up and I won't think less of you. It doesn't matter if you find out you've been wrong or that you've missed something important. I know you're good enough, no matter what. Being scared … Read More.

The Fool-Proof Guide to Building Totally Flawed Opinions

Everyone has an opinion these days. He's either a dick or exactly what we need. It's either made up bullshit or what people need to hear. It's either the best thing you'll ever see or the biggest … Read More.

Get A Kick Up The Ass This Weekend

Sometimes, you need a kick up the ass to get you going. And with 2017 stretching out ahead of you, it's natural to want to get moving on something meaningful. So this weekend (January 21st and … Read More.

10 Top Tips for a Sweet and Beautiful Life

A sweet and beautiful life is not to be sniffed at or dismissed as some arbitrary, fluffy bullshit. Just think of the opposite kind of life - bitter and ugly. Yeah, me neither. Here then, are … Read More.

Towards the Sweet & Beautiful in 2017

In 2016, I... Wrote 30 articles, down from 42 in 2015 Wrote 11 guest articles across Huffington Post, The Muse and Men's Fitness Coached nearly double the number of people in 2016 than I did … Read More.

Gifts Aren’t Just for Christmas

Santa's on his way, and, if you're on the Nice List, there's something stuffed in his sack just for you. It's the time for gift-giving, of course. Things wrapped in bows that light up someone's … Read More.

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