1 Month Until Marathon

There’s just a month to go until I attempt to walk a marathon to raise awareness and funds for CFS/ME (your basic no-cure, chronic debilitating illness, destroying hundreds of thousands of lives around the world).

Oh shit.

Of course, awareness and funds can’t be raised in a vacuum, and this invisible illness can’t be made visible without others seeing it.

So I need your help.

Walking a marathon might not sound like a big deal, but lemme tell you that it’s just about the biggest challenge I can imagine. CFS/ME is with me every single day and often feels like I’ve been beaten with shovels. Some days walking 100 yards has me wanting to throw up and sleep for a week. In my book, walking a marathon is akin to walking to the friggin’ moon. With an elephant on my back. Who’s beating me with shovels.

I have no idea how far I’ll get or what the impact will be on me physically. I only know that this matters enough for me to give it my best shot.

Here’s how you can get involved.


  1. Send your donation today by visiting http://www.justgiving.com/runforme2013.
  2. If you’re in the UK, you can donate in seconds by text message. Just text “RFME71 £10to 70070 and you’ll have helped enormously.


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  1. This is the route I’m walking on June 9th. I’ll be heading round this bad boy twice, taking in some really nice parts of London, and I’d love some company! So if you can join me for some of the walk I’d love  it – clicking the markers on the map will tell you how many miles I’ll have covered and roughly when I’ll be at that location. I’ll also be broadcasting live progress on the day, so you can see exactly where I am at any point (I’ll tweet the link for that on the day – ain’t technology great!). Drop me a line if you can join me for a mile or two!

View London 13miles in a larger map

Anything you can do to help is massively appreciated. Both by me, and by the many, many people suffering with CFS/ME who you’ll be helping out.

Thanks so much!

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