2 Strangers & 10,000 Miles In a Tiny Car

So my friend Charlie Grosso is today beginning what is probably the biggest adventure of her life – the Mongol Rally. This is some serious shizzle people.

I’m not going to talk for her, you can see her talk about the challenge and the reason she’s doing it in the video below (plus, be sure to watch my interview with Charlie here).

Learn more about this amazing challenge and perhaps donate to the cause, simply by visiting the SM Stowaway site right here.

Charlie is doing this extraordinary thing for a cause she believes in, and not only do I totally applaud it (which is why I’m one of the sponsors!) but it’s really not a surprise to me.  She’s just one of those people.

Irrespective as to which path you are on, doubt visits us all. The only thing you can do is show up. Show up to play.” – Charlie Grosso

It’s a spectacular example of how an idea – even a crazy stupid one like doing the Mongol Rally with a stranger – can take hold when it’s something that a. resonates with you, and b. you’re willing to show up for.

If it means something, the inevitable fear is always easier to move through.

That’s what this place is all about and it’s what Charlie oozes.

10,000 miles in a tiny car. What would you be willing to adventure 10,000 miles for?

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