5 Reasons it Pays to Be The Underdog

Racin' Snails 2
Underdog’s are renowned for getting oh-so-close.

For falling just a little bit short of the winning post.

They’re the ones who get splashed as life drives through a massive puddle a little too fast.

Bastard life. I just washed these.

It happens all the time. In business. In relationships. In creative pursuits. Anywhere there’s a goal, or aim or target, there’s an underdog (or seven).

But you know something? Believe it or not, and even though it might be hella frustrating sometimes, there are 5 big reasons that it pays to be the underdog.

1. Because it makes you reach

The underdog is the one who needs to try extra-hard. They’re the ones who don’t know if they can do it or how far they can go.

They’re the reachers

Reachers are my kind of people. They kind of people who reach for something just because it means the world to them.

Things might not come easy, but they still reach.

That’s the stuff that great stories are made from, and I think it’s what great people—those with heroic hearts—are made from too.

2. Because you learn to apply ease

When things are tough, one of three things happens.

You either fold like a damp sock, struggle like an amorous panda, or you learn how to make things easier.

The latter option is where you figure out the difference between facing struggle and hardship with strength, and embracing your circumstances with love, or grace or joy.

It’s throwing the covers off on a hot, humid night and
letting the air kiss your skin, because you’re tired of sweating

Learning how to apply ease is really kind of a miracle.

3. Because it teaches you the value of support

People get further ahead because of the people around them. Whether it’s a support team who have your back, a group of peers who push you or friends who act as a sounding board, surrounding yourself with the right support makes a world of difference.

But as the underdog there’s the tendency to believe that you have to do it all yourself, that it’s all on your shoulders.

Maybe there’s something about looking foolish in front of others, that you worry about looking weaker than you are by asking for help, or possibly that you don’t think anyone would think you valuable enough to say, “Sure, I’ll help you.”

The reasons not to seek support are many and compelling, and learning that you don’t have to do everything alone is a valuable lesson in vulnerability.

4. Because it works your confidence muscle

When you work-out, those lifts, presses, stretches and core exercises all combine to lose fat and tone muscle, and the same thing happens with your confidence.

The stretch inherent in reaching for something that’s just out of reach tones and builds confidence, and I love that I get to observe that happen in my clients.

It’s beautiful and goose-pimply, and working your confidence muscle is what makes reaching further, easier.

5. Because it proves that the value is in the journey

You ever wondered how strong life needs you to be? Or wondered when it will all come good?

Life isn’t a competition, but that doesn’t stop it feeling like a big string of losses or second-bests sometimes.

Underdogs understand that they won’t win all the time; that it’s the manner in which they engage in this moment, right now, that makes all the difference.

You can’t wait for everything to be right, or solid, or perfect, and when all there is is right now, you can’t pin your hopes and define your value on some outcome in the future. You have to find enough value in where you are and who you are right now, just as things are.

Being the underdog is living proof that the value is in the journey, because no matter what happens you still get to be whole, add value and do cool shit.

So if you’re an underdog, let me congratulate you.

You’re the lucky one.

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