On Confidence Coaching and what makes me tick…

We haven’t met (yet), but I happen to believe you’re pretty awesome.

I know, I know, you think I’m just saying that. But I’m not. You’re out there living your life, doing your best and getting shit done, and I bloody love that.

I love that things matter to you. I love that you give things a shot. I love that you strive.

Sometimes, it helps to have a little support, someone to have your back when you’re fighting your battles or someone to cheer you on, right?

That’s why I’m here.

To help you show self-doubt, second-guessing, people-pleasing and comfort-zone-loitering, who’s boss, so you can get out there and confidently live a sweet and beautiful life.

There’s a moment I love when I’m working with clients as a confidence coach (whether it’s with individuals or organisations).

It’s the point where their level of trust and confidence in themselves is greater than the power that doubt and fear have over them.

Because it’s at that tipping point, and on the other side of it, that the way ahead clears.

It’s there that you get spend more of your time doing what matters, making better choices and creating a life that’s rich with texture.

It’s there that the fear-focused thinking and urge toward self-protection lose their sway over you.

And it’s there that people tell me that they’re “ready to go“, which is always music to my ears.

As I see it, confidence underpins everything meaningful you’ll do.

Confidence makes it easy to show up in the world fully and do stuff that matters.

It’s what the world needs from you, and it gets me goose-bumpy and tingly like nothing else.

I’ve been coaching people on how they can confidently get on with the stuff that really matters to them for fifteen years now, and counting. And as my hairline recedes I’m always learning more about what confidence is, how it works and what gets in its way, a journey that’s also helped me massively in figuring out my own shit (which has been fairly plentiful, lemme tell you).

This confidence coaching stuff matters to me more than I can express and in ways that sometimes scares me.

Which is really kinda perfect…

About Steve Errey

I’m Steve. Hi. I’m a Gemini, I have blue eyes and wear size 8 shoes.

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Letting my imagination run riot is like taking a vacation – renewing, enriching and one heck of a lot of fun. If I’m not using my imagination and creativity in my coaching, my projects and even in conversation, I’m missing out.
Life is funny and it’s frequently silly, and I admire anyone who can find humour even when life stamps its foot and demands to be taken seriously. I’ll tell you my beekeeper joke one of these days.
That’s my family, who are all flippin’ brilliant.  I’ll always belong with them, and belonging makes the world go around don’t you think? We humans have a built-in need to belong to something, and when you find it it’s like nothing else on Earth.  An old friend of mine wrote me a thank you card once.  In it she’d written “To those of us in constant motion, here’s to finding that place.”
When you can connect deeply with another person you both instantly know it.  There’s something that doesn’t need to be said, something that goes beyond words, something that we’re just made to do (like me with my sisters here). Connecting with another human being is nothing short of miraculous.
Seeing someone who’s struggling or someone who thinks they “can’t” or “aren’t good enough” breaks my heart.  Support doesn’t have to be some big, life-saving gesture, it can be as subtle as a smile or as gentle as asking how someone’s doing. Supporting people who are striving and hoping gives me goose-bumps.
I honestly believe in magic.  Not the rabbit-out-of-a-hat, make-the-Statue-of-Liberty –disappear kind of magic, but the kind of magic that makes you stop and notice something extraordinary. That moment when you see something that’s undeniably true, like someone’s pulled back the curtain to show you what is – that’s magic.
Whether it’s at a party surrounded by great people, in a project where a gazillion pieces are slotting into place or in a piece of writing where the words are there before I’ve typed them, flow feels amazing. It’s graceful; it’s powerful; it’s bloody brilliant.

Based out of the UK, I trained as a coach in 2002, have learned every day since then and have specialized as a confidence coach (under the moniker of The Confidence Guy) since 2007.  To say I love being able to work with people on their self-confidence is an under-statement.  I adore it.

I’ve learned a heap about what real, natural confidence is from both my coaching work and my own life.  But man alive, have I made some major screw ups in my life…

I spent a year on anti-depressants when I was 20 and a cocktail of anti-depressants when I turned 30.   Having spent way too long forcing myself into a professional role that didn’t fit me I had a breakdown at a level I didn’t even know was possible.  I didn’t talk for 3 months because conversation made no sense to me.  Time became elastic.  I lost my smile.

It took me 18 months to pull myself up, piece myself back together and figure out who the hell I was.  And that’s where I started making my own changes.  I trained as a coach.  I became responsible for the huge debts I’d built up.  I made choices that reflected what mattered to me the most, not the stuff that didn’t matter a jot.

I came down with CFS/ME in 2008 (it’s your basic incurable, debilitating, chronic illness) and it’s with me every single day.  I’ve sought treatments and solutions, and on that journey have found some things that will benefit me for the rest of my life.  I will not permit the illness to win, and I’m confident I’ll beat it.

And here I am today.

I’m not a guru.  I don’t have it all figured out, and I’ll always be something of an idiot.  I laugh at the most inappropriate and politically incorrect things.  My flippant and facetious sense of humour regularly sees me putting my foot squarely in my mouth.

At heart, I’m a geek, physical clutz (seriously, I dance like Ernest Borgnine leading a jazzercise class), big dufus and a bigger kid.  But I’m always looking to better myself, and what I do here is simply sharing some stuff that I’ve found to work, for me and for my clients.

So if you’ve made it this far then I owe you a big THANK YOU – time is the one thing they’re not making any more of, so I appreciate you spending some of your time right here.

I hope you won’t be a stranger – it would be great to see you around here, and I’d love to hear your story.

So let me know what’s up with you.  I wanna hear what you’re busy with.  I wanna hear what struggles you face.  I wanna hear about you.

Drop me a line at steve@confidence.coach, and if you give me your email below you’ll get an email from me right away so we can start to chat.

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