Confidence Coaching

Learn how to beat self-doubt, second-guessing and comfort-zone-loitering

Because without that stuff, you’re unstoppable…

You know how it is. You feel like you’re ready to have things bigger, better or different, but then along comes fear and self-doubt to stop you in your tracks and here’s your old friend second-guessing to riddle your life with more holes than a barn full of moonshine after an FBI raid.

There you are, living your life, doing your best and getting shit done, and I love that you’re out there giving it your all.

But I’m sure you’d agree that sometimes it would be a whole lot easier if you could show self-doubt, second-guessing and people-pleasing who’s boss, right?

Think about it. Wouldn’t living your life, doing your best and getting shit done be simpler, smoother and a darn sight more fun if the level of trust and confidence you have in yourself was greater than the power that doubt and fear have over you?

That’s exactly what using your natural confidence gives you.

So, picture how it would be if you could:

  • Productively manage the self-doubt that makes you question whether you’re good enough
  • Stop doing what everyone else expects you to do
  • Stop being who everyone else expects you to be
  • Be perfectly happy to go out of your comfort zone, instead of having fear and uncertainty call the shots
  • Not worry about screwing up or failing, or what others would think if they saw you fail
  • Start spending more time on the things that matter to you

Pretty liberating, right?

Confidence means saying “sayonara” to second-guessing, self-doubt and people-pleasing, freeing you to spend your time on the things that really matter to you.

You get to dive into the things you really want and be confident enough not just to start them, but to keep on going when you might normally turn back, run away and hide under the bedclothes.

With natural confidence, you get to feel like you’re enough, right now—no conditions.

And that—you lucky thing—is exactly what I’m here to help you with.

I’ll teach you how to think confidently

The life you have is a result of the thinking that happens right there in that magnificent brain of yours, and I know you want more than a hum-drum existence, forcing yourself to be happy settling for the small stuff, not really trying, not really showing up. You’re way better than that.

As a confidence coach for people who want to really show up in their lives (I also work as a confidence coach in organisations btw), my job is to help you grow natural confidence so you have a life that feels like it fits. I’ll shine a light on your thinking to help you put an end to self-doubt, halt the second-guessing, stop pleasing everyone else and start spending your time on the things that really matter to you.

That’s where life has real texture and richness, and it’s where the fun stuff lives.

And when your natural confidence meets what really matters to you, the wonderful and beautiful can’t help but happen.

The honest truth…

I want you to make an informed choice about the coach you choose to work with – and so I want to be completely transparent about how I work and what it’s like to work with me.

I’ll be your partner-in-crime (note: we probably won’t be committing any actual crimes or felonies; I think that’s frowned upon) and your biggest supporter. I’ll throw you what might be the toughest questions you’ve ever been asked and I’ll delve into your thoughts so we can see what’s helping and hindering you. I’ll get bloody excited when we discover something amazing and I’ll call you on your bullshit. I’ll always believe in you.

As a confidence coach I’ll teach you how to cut through the haze of fear, the lure of the comfortable and the voices of self-doubt and second-guessing, and I’ll be right there with you at every step.

Perhaps most importantly, I’ll never judge you.

My only aim is to take you to a place where you feel naturally confident, know what truly matters to you and have the tools, strategies and thinking to get out there and put your dent in the universe.

I take the serious stuff seriously, but the rest of it I laugh right along with. My view is that if all you see is the serious stuff (all those problems, issues and details that drag you down) then you’re missing a lot of the good stuff (the beauty, magic and silliness that lifts you up).

If you want a coach who’s deadly serious and follows “conventional wisdom” that ain’t me. Sorry. Conventional wisdom is generic, homogenised, ineffective mush. If you want a coach who’s all fluffy and believes in fairies, that ain’t me either. Keep your crystal-healing and tree-hugging, I like things to be a little more substantial. So if you’re looking for a generic, conventional, fluffy life coach then move right along. I wish you all the very best.

Who I love to work with…

Continuing in the spirit of transparency, if you:

  • want someone else to do the heavy lifting and just want an easy ride
  • don’t feel ready (or ready enough) to be totally honest with yourself
  • just want a bit of validation and know deep down that you won’t really follow through or give it a chance
  • feel as though a little discomfort is just too uncomfortable for you
  • want change right now and aren’t ready to work at it
  • don’t have the time or space (or aren’t willing to make the time or space) to bring your A-game to this

Then working with me probably won’t be the right thing for you.

I only work with a handful of people at a time (normally around 5 or so) to ensure I’m giving you every ounce of care, attention and support I can muster. This means that I’m selective about the few people I do work with, so if you:

  • want to put an end to all the self-doubt and second-guessing
  • are ready to find out what you’re capable of, and have a strong hunch that there’s a lot more waiting to come out
  • have had some great success but now feel like you’re just going through the motions
  • are eager to start because you’ve waited long enough
  • want to stop pleasing people and fitting in with everyone’s expectations
  • are perfectly happy to put in the effort
  • have decided that you don’t want to do it all by yourself any more, because you can’t see what’s in your blind spot and are too close to your own stuff
  • are creative and curious to explore
  • want to be partners in crime with a coach who will always be honest, see you at your best and hold you accountable

Then we might just make an extraordinary team.

What people say about me…

I have really appreciated the insight and ability to zone in on my passions that Steve has. I’ve achieved a new job, a more coherent direction and an ability to take pleasure in more of what I do than ever before.

If you’re serious about making your life better then it’s time to give Steve a call.”
James Lloyd from Nottingham

I wanted to say thank you. I know what you do is a service and your work but it really is one that changes lives and brings back the pieces that fear clings to. You are an amazing man Steve and you do outstanding work. One of the reasons I feel you do this so well and with integrity, is because you have empathy and experience and it nourishes you to help others. Without which, it would just be hot air.”
Tonya from LA

This has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done for myself. I’m glad I took the time to find a coach that I felt comfortable with because there have been times when I have needed to touch on very private things and I feel completely at ease with that. I’m more confident, have a new excitement about life and a clearer picture of myself.

Never once did you tell me the answer. You guided me to find it myself and that has been the magic!”
Stephanie Favell from Norfolk

To be honest I wasn’t sure how Steve could help me. but, after each session I am amazed at how he did. He has an uncanny way of responding and riffing on a conversation that is just enough listening and advice combined. Really sharp guy.”
Paul Lewandowski from Maine

After looking for a new job in 2015, and then all through 2016 with little luck, I was struggling with a lot of negative self-talk and doubt. I just landed a new job last week. Just wanted to say thanks – for being so damn authentic, and generous with sharing your hard won learning.”
Nick Borthwick in New Zealand

“I find it to be a fantastic opportunity to gather valuable, unedited, first-hand feedback on where I’m at (and quite often where I feel I’m not at) from this very real, engaging, insightful and quite funny chap who genuinely cares and is steadfastly invested in helping us all suss out the answers we’re searching for.”
Cara Vogl

How this confidence coaching thing works…

I’ve been a coach since 2002 (time flies!) and a confidence coach since 2007, and I combine all that experience with some of the latest neuroscience stuff that shines a fascinating light on how the brain really works.

Over the years, my confidence coaching method has been honed, tuned and finessed so that it works like a dream, and there are 4 pillars to building confidence:

1. Naming what truly matters. Natural confidence requires that you know and express the things that matter most to you, otherwise you’re hiding who you really are. We’ll deep dive into what matters to you and uncover what truly drives and fulfills you.

2. Practicing. Being naturally confident requires that you take consistent, meaningful action, so together we’ll work out the very best strategies to get you doing just that in the ways that work for you.

3. Creating a congruent environment. The environment you operate within can either strip your confidence away or bring it to life. We’ll take an in-depth look at the different facets of your environment and shape it so that you flourish.

4. Mastering the inner game. When the wrong things call the shots in your life your confidence will be stripped to the bone. Things like fear, doubt, second-guessing, story-telling and doing what’s expected are powerful motivators for behaviour, so I’ll give you tools so that you can feel completely, naturally confident when these things rear their head.

My confidence coaching method has the depth and breadth necessary to deliver against these 4 pillars, and as it’s been continually tested and refined you know you’re getting something that works in the real world.

Importantly, while there is a process to this it’s not a cookie-cutter approach. We haven’t met yet, so there’s no way I’d confine you (or me) to a linear, restrictive process. We’ll dip in and out of the content as needed, take some spontaneous detours and only use the right things when the time is right for you.

Work with me…

Most of my clients choose to work with me on a regular basis, and our best results will come from working together over time. That’s how we wave cheerio to second-guessing, self-doubt and people-pleasing, bring out your natural confidence (yes, you have it) and make meaningful change happen.

From the moment you come on board I’ll be in your corner, supporting you and cheering you on. It’s you and me, partners in crime.

We’ll meet twice a month for an hour or so via Skype, and we can continue to talk, ask questions and keep up-to-date on progress via email between those calls.

Here are the packages.

Lifelong Confidence - 6 Month Partnership

This is where we get to do the kind of work that lasts a lifetime. We team up for 6 months, and when we’re done you’ll no longer be worried about having ideas that don’t get started, feeling less than everyone else or unworthy of the kind of success that means the world to you. Instead, you’ll have natural confidence that lasts a lifetime and will be out there putting your dent in the universe like only you are capable of.

This is best for you if:

  • You want to become a master in dealing with fear, self-doubt, second-guessing, people-pleasing and all those other things that keep you small
  • You want someone you trust in your corner for the long-haul, for when things get messy or uncomfortable (and let’s face it, life is like that)
  • You’re ready to find what truly matters to you and to align around those things
  • You want to explore your own potential and see what kind of difference you can make

You get:

  • 12 x 1 hour coaching sessions (2 per month) over Skype
  • Free email support throughout our coaching partnership
  • A free copy of the Code of Extraordinary Change Playbook when the 12 sessions are complete – you get the whole thing as a resource to dip into whenever you need it
  • Free email support for one year after we’re done with the coaching
Up front investment
$2250 (save $150)
Pay monthly (6 months)
$400 per month

Monthly Partnership (minimum 3 months)

We can do some great work here, getting things moving, bringing The Code to life and building your natural confidence so you can see Good Things happen. We can get some key insights around a specific problem or challenge and spark you into action, but we might not have the time to get into any deep or long-lasting work.

This is best for you if:

  • You want to learn strategies to productively deal with your fears and doubts
  • There’s a specific area of your life where you don’t feel confident, and you want to build your confidence and change your experience
  • You want someone experienced to help and support you in exploring what matters to you, facing your challenges and fighting your battles
  • You want to get the insights you need to spark action
  • You’re willing to put in the effort for a minimum of 3 months
  • You’re not ready to commit to the Lifelong Confidence package

You get:

  • 2 x 1 hour coaching sessions per month
  • Free email support for as long as we work together
Pay monthly

Previous clients can also pick up single 1 hour coaching sessions at $250 a pop.

On The Fence?

It can be tough choosing a coach. Sometimes it’s weird and scary too, because it’s not something you do every day.

I get that, and I want to make sure you’re right for me too. That’s why I always offer a free 30 minute call before taking anybody on as a client, so that:

  • we can chat through where you’re at, what you’d like to work on and what you’d like to get out of working with me
  • you can get a feel for me and how I work
  • you can throw any questions at me and I’ll answer them for you (at least, I’ll attempt to)
  • we can see if we’re a good fit for each other and get a great feel for what we could achieve together

And if we find that we aren’t a good fit, that’s cool. No biggie. At least we know either way, right?

You can book your 30 minute slot with me right now just by clicking the button over on the right, or feel free to fill in the quick form below and we can book your slot that way (there’s absolutely no risk and I won’t use your details for anything other than that call).



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