Confidence Is Not Glass

Broken Glass (Obviously)
Confidence is many things, but it’s not glass.

If your confidence cracks when you’re feeling down or when you don’t know which way to go, then it’s not confidence.

If your confidence splinters when things don’t go your way or when life throws you a curveball, then it’s not confidence.

And if your confidence shatters when an insult is hurled or a failure is born or a misstep is taken, then it’s not confidence.

Confidence that breaks like glass isn’t confidence.

It’s armour; the thin skin that hides your feelings of not being good enough.

It’s pride; when your sense of your own dignity is under threat.

And it’s ego; the piercing of your own self-importance.

When things get through your armour, threaten your pride or pierce your ego it feels like your confidence is shattered. These things directly question your worth and your value as a human being. Who am I trying to kid?, you think to yourself as your confidence—the sense that you can fully trust that you’re already whole—goes MIA.

But these things aren’t confidence.

Real confidence goes deeper. Deep enough that it takes a crashing world to scratch it. So deep, that you can sometimes forget it’s there altogether.

But it’s always there, in the exact same place that allows you to feel at your best, to be flowing and to know what really matters.

It’s a bedrock. A place you can deliberately shift your focus back to when you need something to trust.

It’s a foundation. A place that can fuel you and guide you, not matter how crappy life gets.

And it’s a cornerstone. A place that tells you who you are and what truly matters to you.

That place can be forgotten or neglected, but it can’t be shattered.

Confidence, is not glass.

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