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Confidence for team members

More and more, companies, organisations and brands need to serve better than their competition.

Online reviews, word of mouth and ubiquitous social media have made this is a necessity, and even the lightest of touches or smallest of details can make a huge difference to customers, clients and the bottom line.

We’ve all experienced bad service and we’ve all worked with people who lack confidence, and I’ve often seen how self-confidence can be a blocker to truly natural and effective work.

Put someone into a situation where they have to run a team, deal with leadership, manage an uncertain environment or talk with senior clients and it’s natural for people to doubt themselves and second-guess what they’re doing or how they’re doing it. Sometimes people even play the role of how they think they should act (which more often than not feels as comfortable as spiked socks).

What can give you the edge is having a team who leverage their natural confidence to do great work. Work that they can apply themselves to fully without trying to be anyone else, and work that they can ease into and enjoy.

The way I see it, and the solution to the problems I’ve seen, is that confidence enables great work.

Confidence Coaching

My work is all about helping people feel confident—in themselves, in their roles and in even when the pressure’s on.

This works in a couple of ways:

Bottom-up: This builds a foundation made from who the team member already is. It looks at their values, strengths and talents and anchors those things as the bedrock that sets them up for trusting their decisions and behaviour.

Top-down: This looks at the thinking that gets in the way of natural confidence. Thoughts about not being as good as others, thoughts about what they think other people expect and thoughts about how others are judging them all conspire to create spirals of self-doubt, second-guessing and people-pleasing that block natural confidence.

This isn’t about giving confident presentations, teaching people how to be assertive in the workplace or how to chair a meeting with aplomb. That’s outer confidence, and it’s ten a penny.

Instead, I offer a range of tactics and strategies that I’ve learned since I specialised as a confidence coach back in 2007. Everything is designed to build and nurture a natural confidence that allows people to be who they are and to bring their best to what they do.

Whether inside organisations (helping people establish their confidence in a new role, for example) or externally (confidence in serving customers), I get excited when I see people do great work with natural confidence.

This stuff gets my heart thumping, because it makes all the difference.


I hate to generalise because this isn’t really a one size fits all kind of thing.

But in an effort to be helpful, I want to offer a sense of a couple of frameworks for how this works.

  1. Concentrated training. Using this model, I can offer concentrated training and coaching to help team members tap into their natural confidence to do more great work. This can be standalone training spanning anything from half a day to a week, or worked into an existing L&D programme.
  2. Embedding knowledge. This is about embedding elements of my confidence coaching method within your L&D team so you can roll with it. Typically this needs at least one member of the L&D team to be coached by me in order to understand how it works from the coachee point of view, plus training to embed appropriate parts of my coaching method internally.
  3. One to one coaching. When it comes to self-confidence, everyone’s in a different spot. Using everything I know about building and nurturing confidence, I work one on one with team members to coach them based on where they’re at and what they need. Typically this runs for a minimum of 3 months (2 sessions per month), and bundles of sessions and coaching “days” offer economy of scale.

Of course, sometimes a combination of these is appropriate, so I’ll always aim to understand your needs and the needs of the team before I let loose with any more generalisations.

Sometimes, for example, this is about helping your team interact with customers and clients more confidently. Sometimes it’s about fuelling an innovation culture within your organisation (the number one killer of which is the fear of being laughed out of the room). And sometimes it’s about helping new starters or the newly promoted feel confident in their role.

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I honestly believe that confidence is the number one quality that helps or hinders great work, and I see it over and over again.

If it’s useful for us to connect and talk about the challenges in your business or team, I’d seriously love to hear from you. Fill in the form below or send me a mail on steve at confidence dot coach.

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