Debunkapalooza 2014

There’s a lot of nonsense out there. You’ve probably noticed. Particularly in the world of self-help and especially when it comes to the area of confidence, I see so many things written and spoken that make me stand up and shake my fists out of frustration and incredulity.

“No! That’s bollocks!” I cry, yelling in the face of self-help hogwash.

It might be that I’m turning into a cantankerous middle-aged man, or it might be that I just want to set things straight. It’s probably a little of both, but over the next few articles I want to get some myth busting going so I can show you what confidence really looks like and how common misconceptions get things more wrong than serving penguin pie at a Greenpeace picnic.

So I’ll be offering a smart dispelling of the 7 biggest myths around confidence; exploring—and then blowing up—some of the biggest piles of horseshit I’ve seen.

Things kick off tomorrow. Bring your debunking hats and fist-shaking gloves.


  1. Wayne Fletcher says:

    So looking forward this. Put a big dent in those myths!

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