Don’t Wait For Your Place In The World

People spend a long time waiting.

Lines at the bank. Queues at the supermarket. Traffic jams. Job queues.

In life too, people patiently wait in line, hoping to reach the head of the queue.

They muddle through life just doing their thing, but never really feeling like they’re part of anything or that their life is coming into focus.

They work.

They play.

They fit in.

And they wait for the time when they can stop holding back their gifts from those who need them and step into the world as the person they always imagined they could be.

Some wait their whole lives, and it never happens.

But I think you’re different

I think you understand that it’s nobody else’s job to give you what you want. Nobody else can tell you who you are or what you should be doing with your insight, talents, hopes and gifts. Nobody else can tell you what matters to you ten thousand feet down inside.

Nobody else can tell you why you’re extraordinary.

Nobody else can give you your place in the world.

It’s already yours to step into.


  1. Sometimes you have to just act on your passions. Good post!

    • Steve Errey says:

      I have something of a strange relationship with the word “passion” Matt. I find it can really muddle things up, so I prefer to think about “what matters” instead. So yes, you have to just act on what matters!

  2. Thanks Steve, I loved it, short but simple and affective words.

    So one must step ahead to get what matters and don’t expect world to give it in a plate, correct? One of my favourite bookmarked post now.

    • Steve Errey says:

      The world doesn’t owe you anything. I like to think that we’re here to make a difference and to be of service, and doing that only really happens when you engage with what matters. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Yes, it’s true.

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