Get A Kick Up The Ass This Weekend

Bucketlist Bootcamp
Sometimes, you need a kick up the ass to get you going.

And with 2017 stretching out ahead of you, it’s natural to want to get moving on something meaningful.

So this weekend (January 21st and 22nd), join me and others at the first ever Bucket List Bootcamp.

There’s going to be a huge amount of insight reaching and action taking, all guided by a darn decent band of speakers that I’m thrilled to be among.

I’m leading a session called “Practical Confidence for a Great Life“. During it, I’ll give you two key pieces of my confidence coaching method—the only two exercises that I insist everyone I work with completes. They’re that fundamental to real, natural confidence, and you can use them over and over again to respond to fear with the confidence you already have.

Get your tickets to the Bucket List Bootcamp right here. Tickets are going for $25, but that link is only for readers of confidence.coach and gives you a special 70% discount.

Join me, the other speakers, and participants from around the world, and let’s start something sweet and beautiful. Last call for tickets here – http://www.passionblueprint.com/bucketlistbootcamp?confidencecoach.

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