Like What I’ve Done With the Place?

Waiting to Happen
So how are you liking the new site so far?

Just like moving into a new home there’s loads that I want to do round here.  I have a bunch of plans – a pot plant here, a lick of paint there – but there’s nothing quite like living in a place to get a feel for what’s needed, right?

You’ll already have seen articles here that dip into different parts of the Code (you have got your copy, right?), give you insights into how your brain works and get into some of my confidence coaching stuff. If you’re a member you’ll have watched how other people go about doing their thing in the brilliant interviews (seriously, check them out if you haven’t already) and maybe you were on the very first monthly call last Monday.  I answered a heap of your questions and gave you ideas for using the Code in real life situations to start making real changes (I had a ball, so thanks!).

But there’s one other thing I’m soon to add; something that will really bring the place to life.

Over the years I’ve had a lot of feedback from people that’s been worth its weight in gold. Whether feedback from people I’ve worked with, people I gave consultations to, people who were regulars over at The Confidence Guy or people who just stumbled across something I wrote and emailed me, I’ve listened to everything.

The result is something I’ve been working on for 18 months; the final piece of the The Code of Extraordinary Change.

My aim with it – and I’ve set my sights high on this one – is that it will be the ultimate resource for universe-denting; giving you time-tested insights, exercises, ideas, structures and strategies to crack life wide open. It combines everything I’ve learned from over a decade of coaching along with truly amazing findings from the cutting-edge field of neuroscience, plus everything I’ve learned from listening to you.

It’s big, it’s bold and it bloody well works

I call it The Playbook, and I’ll show the first part of it to you later this week.

I already shared this for a limited time with the people who get my newsletter and had some great feedback, so it feels brilliant to be opening up the Playbook to the Whole World.

What Can I Do For YOU?

I know the value that you’ve brought to what I do and I want to keep listening to you, now more than ever.  So tell me:

What do you like or hate about the new place?  What can I create for you that would help you get started or make something happen?  Gimme your thoughts, warts and all.

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