London Premiere of “I’m Fine, Thanks”

I'm Fine, Thanks

I’m more pleased than 10 very pleased men to invite you to the European Premiere of the movie “I’m Fine, Thanks“, from film-makers Adam Baker and Grant Peelle.

Join us in London on November 5th

It’s a film about complacency; the danger of saying “I’m fine, thanks” when you really mean anything but.

It explores how the path you follow through life might not be connected with who you are as an individual, and tells real-life stories about the moment when people realize the life they’re living is not the life that’s true to their heart… and how they find the confidence to do something about it.

It’s a film that’s right up my street, and I’m bloody delighted to be putting this European premiere of the film together with the help of my good friend Tamarisk.

We’d both love to see you on Monday November 5th.

But here’s the rub – it’s on for one night only and there are just 80 seats available.  Some have already gone, so if you’re in London on the 5th (or can get there) then go grab your ticket right now!

Click here for the details and secure your seat for the Premiere.

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