Meet Charlie Grosso

Charlie GrossoI really don’t recall how I bumped into Charlie Grosso, but I’m certainly glad I did.

She’s one of a kind; playful, brave, creative and smart. Talented too. With a mix of whimsy and world-changing ambition that I just love.

I’ve just posted a video interview with her on the Interviews page, so you can meet her yourself and see what I’m talking about.

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The Mongol Rally

The crazy woman has decided to enter the Mongol Rally this July, a 10,000 mile overland journey from the UK to Mongolia that goes straight through some of the toughest, harshest and most dangerous terrain in the world.

If brave were people, she’d be China.

It’s a mammoth undertaking for a fantastic cause, and I’d love you to head over to the Team SM Stowaway site to see what Charlie and her team-mates are up to.  There’s a great video over there and you can even give them and their chosen charity a little support if you’re able to.

Charlie, you’re amazing.

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