Playbook Launch Offer

Go Dent The Universe

I’m as happy as Larry to launch the Code of Extraordinary Change Playbook today, and even happier to give you a whopping 50% off the normal price until midnight on Sunday 20th May.
You may already have got your paws on the sample chapter (if not you can still get your free sample chapter right here), which will have demonstrated just a little of what this does, and the full Playbook is 136 pages long, comprising 8 chapters and a whopping 30 worksheets.

I’ve made it so that each chapter is delivered to you every two weeks, which is the perfect pace to wring every last drop from the Playbook and the worksheets inside.  And it’s those worksheets that are the magic part of the Playbook – helping you begin, decide, act and deal with whatever happens – so if you’re not happy putting in a little effort then this won’t be for you.

But if you’re not scared of a little effort you’ll be all set to crack life wide open.

This packs in everything I’ve learned from over a decade of coaching along with some of the latest findings from the fascinating world of neuroscience, all to make sure it packs a real and valuable punch. I haven’t seen anything else out there that does what this does and I reckon it’s pretty flippin’ brilliant (sure, maybe I’m a little biased!).

Here’s how to use your 50% offer:

  1. Go to the Playbook page by clicking here.
  2. Click the “Add to cart” button if you’re ready.
  3. On the cart screen, enter the discount code play50 and click “Update cart”.
  4. That’s it; you’ve just saved $98 and can get going right away.

Drop me a line if you have any questions or problems, and don’t forget that the 50% offer runs out at midnight on May 20th.

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