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A lack of confidence sucks.
Big time.

  • You miss out because you don’t want to screw up or look dumb, but being okay with those things remains elusive like a unicorn circus
  • You do what’s expected of you, because it’s easier to give in to that pressure than to step up
  • You play an exhausting game of cat and mouse with your decisions. Will you, won’t you? What if you do, what if you don’t?
  • You try to do it all so you can have it all, but deep down you’re scared you’re not good enough
  • You have really high standards of yourself that you rarely live up to

I get it. I’ve experienced it. I’ve battled with it. And I’ve learned heaps about it.

I’ve helped people overcome those obstacles to find real, lasting, natural confidence

If you already know that natural confidence is the thing you need, the element that’s been missing in the alchemy of your life, then scoot on down to the bottom of the page and you can get going right away.

For everyone else, read on for all the details.

Here’s what you get inside the Playbook…

The Playbook is where I’ve distilled my 10 years of confidence coaching knowledge into a course that works with you to uncover your own natural confidence.

There’s content in here to help you:

    • Know yourself so deeply and so fundamentally that you can’t lose yourself again
    • Understand what the different voices in your head want and how to productively deal with them
    • Figure out the stories you tell yourself that hold you back and which ones free you
    • Feel flowing and at your best, and to integrate that experience into your life
    • Practice self-compassion
    • Deal with the drive to do what others expect of you
    • Makes shifts right through your life that feel good rather than having to struggle against or tolerate stuff
    • Accept yourself fully, warts and all

…and so much more…

Want more detail? Here’s a chapter by chapter breakdown of what you get.

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This chapter is all about shining a light on the stories you tell yourself that, for good or ill, shape your world. You’ll walk away with:

  • Clarity about what’s got you here
  • Clear sight of the stories you tell yourself to justify holding yourself back
  • Insight into how the stories you tell yourself affect your thinking and behaviour
  • A simple but extraordinarily powerful story that cracks open your future
  • A new, empowering narrative that frees you up from struggle

This is where you uncover the foundations, cornerstones and building blocks for who you are. You’ll walk away with:

  • A solid sense of what you have to offer the world; your true north
  • Knowledge of the things way down inside you that you can always depend on
  • Ways to use what truly matters to transform your day to day experience
  • Insights into what makes you uniquely and wonderfully YOU
  • Tactics to shift situations that anger, frustrate or disappoint you

Chapter is about making you recognise, and feel, everything you already have. You’ll walk away with:

  • Knowledge of the things you have in credit, the things you can have confidence in, and just how far those things reach
  • Strategies to stop beating yourself up for your weaknesses or unwanted parts
  • A compelling feeling of what you’re like when you’re at your best, and the ability to switch that on at will
  • An understanding of where your true strengths lie and how to apply them

This is where you stop running on automatic pilot. You’ll walk away with:

  • A deep understanding of the roles you adopt in order to fit in or please others
  • The ability to let go of old ways of doing things that no longer serve you well
  • Techniques to get away from all the shoulds, oughts and have-to’s
  • An understanding of the decisions your brain makes on your behalf, and the ability to make better choices when you want to

Chapter 5 is where you shape an environment that allows your confidence to flourish. You’ll walk away with:

  • The ability to shape what’s around you so it’s in line with who you are and what truly matters to you
  • Insights into how the 10 different elements of your environment impact you, for good or bad
  • Strategies to stop perfectionism and the urge to control everything
  • A way to stop struggling
  • Strategies for transforming the things you think you need to put up with or tolerate

Self-compassion and nourishment don’t make you selfish; they make you whole. You’ll walk away with:

  • Deep insights into what restores and nourishes your head, heart and body
  • How to prioritise your own well-being even when things are crazy busy
  • An understanding of what stops you from self-compassion
  • The ability to make choices about where you put your energy and focus

Your life is a product of your thoughts, and natural confidence comes from better thinking. You’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of the 3 types of thinking your brain is busy with every single day
  • Insights into how the negative and positive expectations can dramatically affect your experience of life
  • The ability to put an end to second-guessing and self-doubt
  • Knowledge of what your brain craves at the expense of your happiness
  • Powerful ways to stop your inner critic from calling the shots/li>
  • Deep insights into how to think in ways that unburden and enrich you

Confidence is nothing without taking action. In this chapter, you’ll walk away with:

  • A strong sense of where you need to be going and what you need to be doing
  • Insights into the problems with traditional goal-setting and why they haven’t working for you
  • A system that makes it simple for you to take repeated, meaningful action towards the stuff that matters
  • Strategies to deal with those times when thing go wrong or life sucks
  • How to remain naturally confident, whatever life throws at you

The course is split into 8 chapters and 30 worksheets. Each chapter is sent straight to your inbox every 2 weeks, giving you plenty of time to do the work and get real insights.

Why not give you the whole course in one go? Because I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed; I don’t want you to leaf through, find it kind of interesting and never do anything; I don’t want you rush through it because you can’t wait to finish; I don’t want you to miss something important.

The benefits come when you have enough time and space to go deep into the content and the worksheets, and dealing with one chapter every 2 weeks is the optimum pace to to wring every last drop from what’s in here.

And it’s by putting time and effort into the 30 worksheets that you’ll get results. You can’t just call this in.

Some good people have said nice things…

The emotional and insightful rewards that came after doing each exercise were unbelievable. I had epiphany after epiphany! Once you have given that to yourself you simply can’t forget it. It re-programs you to notice, accept and change direction, even if you do fall off the wagon, which is only human, it’s OK because you get back on.”
– Tonya, LA

“I have gotten to the root of my lack of confidence and am ready to continue working on it. Things start to fall into place and I start to realize how mighty I can be-scary sometimes ;-)”
– Barbara, Austria

“Now I am looking forward to the chapter on my environment – perfect timing! It is amazing what material you have gathered and I really enjoy your style which makes it fun and is so encouraging.”
– Jane, Canada

“Thank you so much for creating this and crafting such thoughtful questions that really burn through the bullshit + get to the heart of the matter.”
– Otiti, London

This confidence course really does work, but it won’t be for everyone.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve waited long enough
  • You’re ready to put in the effort
  • Natural confidence seems elusive
  • The thought of this, and of what you might find, scares you a little bit
  • You’re open and curious about what might happen

But, this is NOT for you if:

  • You just want an easy ride
  • You know full well that you won’t follow through or give it a chance
  • The idea of a little discomfort is simply too uncomfortable for you
  • You want change right now and aren’t ready to work at it
  • You just want to be perceived as confident, and don’t really care about inner confidence

3 quick questions for you…

  1. If this course was able to help you deal with just one fear that’s been holding you back, would that be useful?
  2. If this course was able to make you feel like you’re good enough after all, would that be worthwhile?
  3. And if this course made it possible for you to step up and take a stand in just one part of your life, would that be worth it?

My hope is that you can get these benefits and many more, and you can get going with the Confidence Playbook right now…

The confidence course for real, natural confidence.


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Obviously, I’m both confident and hopeful that you won’t need to use that guarantee, simply because I know there’s gold in this here course 🙂

P.S. You and I both know there’s a lot of stuff out there, and I can tell you that this isn’t some fluffy, fu-fu, wafer thin set of waffle that achieves nothing. I have zero interest in bamboozling you, which is why I’ve filled the Confidence Playbook with the very best techniques I’ve developed and used with clients over the last decade (and in my own life), so I know they work. If you put some effort in, I know they can work for you too.

P.S. There are other confidence courses out there, but this is the only confidence course that focuses on inner confidence that I know of. This isn’t about faking it, using tricks to be seen as being confident or a short-term burst of outer confidence. This is the only course for real, natural confidence.

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