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Reboot by Tim Lossen on Flickr
Your intention is an instance of conscious determination upon some action, purpose or context.

With one, what you do has pillars of meaningful engagement supporting it. Without one, you’re just kind of flapping around a bit.

An intention is the difference between disappointment and hope;
drifting and flourishing; apathy and engagement

So, what’s your intention today? Do you even have one?

Here’s what I want you to do:

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  1. Take a moment to notice the quality of your intention today. How is it? Does it honour, represent or demonstrate what matters to you? Is it lean and purposeful (even if that purpose is simply to have fun and be silly, as mine often is)? Or is your intention flabby and full of wind? Is it focused on the wrong things, like irrelevant details or maintaining appearances?
  2. If you were to set an intention that made you feel alive, one that fitted with what matters and one that brought out your best, what might it be?
  3. Write down the words, themes and pictures that come to you, then wrap them up in a sentence that starts with one of these:
    Today, I intend to…
    Today, I’m honouring…
    Today, I show up as…
  4. Deliberately choose to step into and own that intention, for today, for this week or for however long works for you (at which point you can set a fresh one).

Share your rebooted intention in the comments, and let me know what happens.

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