Did Someone Say New Years Resolutions?

Don’t fib; it’s okay to ‘fess up if your NYR’s are as distant and lifeless as a puppy on Pluto. And in case you hadn’t noticed it’s Spring already, so everyone’s probably forgotten what your resolutions were anyway, and even if someone remembers you can distract them with talk of the Easter bunny.

I know you probably started out with the best intentions, so if your resolutions have fallen into the mists of myth I won’t blame or judge you one little bit, I really won’t.  After all, it’s hardly surprising when you consider that a New Years Resolution is normally one of these 3 things:

  1. Something you think you should probably stop doing because it’s “bad”.
  2. Something that popular opinion says you ought to start doing because it’s “good”.
  3. Something you’ve done or not done that you feel a bit guilty about, like not following through with that thing that you should probably stop doing or that other thing that you ought to start doing.

NYR’s are systemically flawed; they’re broken before they’re even started.

Why on Earth would you make your choices based on what popular opinion says or what your friends are doing?  What possible reason could there be for committing to something because you kinda sorta oughta do it?  And don’t even think about pursuing something simply because it’s what’s expected.

(BTW, the answer to those questions, if you’re interested, is because it’s easy and risk-free).

So forget about your NYR’s. Leave them on the side of the road to be pecked at by crows. Discard them like holey underwear.

Put them down like a sad, manky horse who spits at children.

Instead, try this:

Engage with something that amounts to a hill o’ beans.

Give yourself the opportunity to make a choice based on what truly matters to you and have that choice be honest, relevant and plenty enough for you to get into the game right now.

Start playing.  Because it’s fun.  Because it’s fascinates you.  Because it tantalises.  Because it matters.  Because you might win.

Don’t you dare sell yourself short by making New Years Resolutions again.


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