The Extinction of Over-Confidence

The Extinction of Over-Confidence
Sometimes you see someone and think they’re over-confident.

They’ll be loud, brash and make it all about them.

They’ll make assumptions, believe they’re right and expect everyone else to think the same way.

And sometimes, especially when it makes you feel bad, it’s what you call someone who seems to have more confidence than you.

This so-called “over-confidence” happens when someone believes they’re better than others, when they believe they’re right no-matter-what, or through repetitive actions and behaviours that become rote and don’t need any thought.

It’s spoken about by coaches, by journalists, by pundits, by business people, by athletes and by friends…

…but here’s the thing – over-confidence doesn’t exist

Over-confidence isn’t a glut or overspilling of self-confidence. It’s either arrogance or complacency.

That’s all it ever is.

Over-confidence has nothing to do with confidence.

You can never have a surfeit of confidence, because natural confidence fits you perfectly.

It’s not too cold and not too hot. It’s not too loud and not too quiet. It’s not too big and not too small.

It’s just right.

It’s built for you.

It’s made to fit you perfectly so that you have exactly what you need to feel whole.

Over-confidence is already extinct, because it’s always something else.

And ironically it’s the things that lurk under the label of over-confidence, that need real confidence to move through.

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