What to do if You’re Pissed Off With Your Life

Pissed off
Life is fucking annoying sometimes.

You want it to go one way, but it seems resolute in being something else entirely.

If only life would do what you bloody well told it to do you wouldn’t have to be quite so pissed off with it, right?

So if you’re royally pissed off and about to show life the business end of a hissy fit, here are 3 things you can do.

Stop being a whiny little bitch

Whining doesn’t help. If it did, the world would be full of smiley, happy people (who would all still find something to whine about).

Bitching, moaning and whining is very much like rolling around in shit, in that the only thing it really achieves is making you all shitty.

It’s nice to vent, sure it is, but sooner or later you gotta stop trouncing around like a fucking toddler birthday princess throwing a shit fit and decide who the hell you want to be.

Not only is whining a huge waste of focus, energy and attention, but it also swaddles you in a warm blanket of “I’m right and everyone else is missing the point” and reinforces just how pissed off you are.

So, the next time you find yourself wanting to whine like a little bitch, notice it.

Notice where your attention is going. Notice what you’re about to tell yourself. Notice who you’re going to blame. Notice who the hell you’re turning into. Then move to step 2.

Love the hell you’re in

You can’t meaningfully move on unless you first of all accept where you are.

Not only is that Day 1 of Pilot School, it’s also a pre-requisite for having an experience of life that isn’t full of piss and vinegar.




I’ve written the word “acceptance” 3 times, because it can be a difficult concept to accept the first couple of times.

It’s only by accepting that where you are is where you are that you get to shift your energy behind the fact that your next choices are yours to make, rather than blaming the world for not being where you want to be.

And let’s face it, being pissed off either happens because you’re hurting about how things have turned out or angry because it doesn’t seem fair.

You’re pissed off because you really do care, and accepting that is critical.

No matter how shitty your circumstances are or just how pissed off with life you are, accept it fully, embrace it wholly and welcome it in like you would an old friend. Then, move onto step 3.

Do something

Just fucking do something.

Change something up. Run an experiment. Get a change of scene. Deal with something you’ve been putting up with. Make a new friend. Start a new project. Pick up a pen. Run a different mile. Find a new lover. Paint a new picture.

Look at what matters to you, then just fucking do something.


  1. Feroza Mills-Beckles says:

    Best advice in the world

  2. Feroza Mills-Beckles says:

    Best advice in the world

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