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Simpler, Easier Leadership

As a leader, you're facing relentless uncertainty, stress and change, and it's lot for anyone. So let's deal with the crappy stuff and make things simpler and easier, freeing you up to be the leader you want to be.

I'm Steve, I've been coaching leaders for 20+ years, and I'm ready to give you my all.

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Regain the Solid Ground

How do you find a confident position to lead from when your office faces depleted teams and exhausted workers, with demands and priorities that look very different from a few short years ago?

I know how much effort you spend on maintaining your poise and composure on the outside, and I'm here to help you feel that way on the inside.

I wasn’t sure how Steve could help me, but after each session I am amazed at how he did. He has an uncanny way of responding and riffing on a conversation that is just enough listening and advice combined. Really sharp guy.

Paul in Maine // Founder & CEO

My life and confidence have improved significantly as a result of working with Steve. At work, I am able to remain calm and confident, to know my strength and forgive my weaknesses with compassion. I think honestly his unwavering and genuine faith in me is the fundamental piece that made everything else effective.

Loreline in Florida // Marketing Exec

I know what you do is a service and your work but it really is one that changes lives. You are an amazing man Steve and you do outstanding work. One of the reasons I feel you do this so well and with integrity, is because you have empathy and experience and it nourishes you to help others

Tonya in LA // Entrepreneur

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