Steve Errey, confidence coach

Lead with Confidence

Leading teams and organisations in today's climate of endless uncertainty, change and pressure is a huge challenge.

I'll help you navigate that terrain confidently, so you regain solid ground under your feet and find a strong position to lead from.

I'm Steve. I'm a coach for leaders.

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Regain the Solid Ground

How do you find a confident position to lead from when your office faces depleted teams and exhausted workers, with demands and priorities that look very different from a few short years ago?

I know how much effort you spend on maintaining your poise and composure on the outside, and I'm here to help you feel that way on the inside.

Natural confidence is accepting your full and unconditional worth, the ability to demonstrate compassion in the face of emotional challenge and leaning gracefully and whole-heartedly into uncertainty.

— A fresh definition of confidence

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Team Coaching

Solutions to help your teams, your departments and your people deal with huge change and challenge.

Fortify & Focus Teams In a Post-Covid Workplace

Your workplace has changed since Covid. So have your departments, your teams, and your people.

I'll help fortify and focus your teams, helping them find the fuel to keep going, fresh methods to keep them working together effectively, and new ways of thinking about their wellbeing and priorities.

The Secret Sauce of Confident Project Management

The true art of Project Management is the ability to deal with relentless uncertainty and pressure.

There are Project Management courses aplenty, of course, all of which will help your PM’s, PD’s and Producers with the more practical “how-to’s” of the job. But there's nothing that digs into the unspoken parts of the job, until now.