Have Confidence In Your Body

Interoception is the in-built sense you have of the physiological condition of your body, so this ActionPoint has you using and growing your interoception muscle.

Why bother?

Because you’re a complex biological organism. You’re a living, breathing being with a living, breathing body that’s with you every second of every day, a body that will be seriously compromised without appropriate nourishment, sustenance and attention.

Because with all the demands placed on you it’s all too easy to spend the bulk of your time in your head; just thinking and doing and forgetting all about what your body needs and how wonderful it is to just be.

Because your physiology is such that your body mirrors what’s happening in your mind, so hearing what’s happening in your body can be a great indicator for what’s happening in your life.

And because you know how it goes when you don’t listen to your body. You get run down. You feel disconnected. You feel exhausted. You get stressed. You experience struggle. You perform below-par. You become half-hearted. You get judgemental. You feel pain.

Tip of the iceberg, right?

If natural confidence is about integration and grace – and it is – then interoception is how you get to integrate your body as a valuable piece of your whole.

Hearing your body is a simple demonstration of natural confidence

Give this your best shot.

  1. Sit quietly for 5 minutes without any distractions. Slowly, gently, move your attention into your body, and get a sense for how it is right now. Is it feeling tense? Relaxed? Tired? At ease? Pumped? In pain?
  2. Don’t judge how your body is or try to do anything with it. Spend 5 minutes simply getting used to sensing it.
  3. Is there something your body needs today, what would it be? If it’s aching, maybe it needs to stretch. If it’s hungry, perhaps it needs nourishment. If it feels tight, maybe you can breathe and let go. If it feels tense, take a walk to clear out some cobwebs. If it’s tired, how about a 20 minute nap or hitting the hay 30 minutes earlier than normal.
  4. What one thing will you do today to honour your body?
  5. Every day for the next week, keep this sense of your body with you. Just check in to see how your body is, what it’s telling you about how you are and what it might need.

Let me know what you find.

  • You only get one body. It is so important to love it because otherwise you’ll spend your life hating it.

    It really is all mental. I remember looking back at a picture of myself from a few years ago. I was about 40 pounds over, but back then I never felt I was overweight I was happy with myself. Today I am still happy and hitting the gym. Maybe in a few years I’ll look back and think, “who was that scrawny, guy?” It is all relative about how you feel about yourself.

  • Sadly one of the many valuable things we’ve lost in our hectic modern western society is being in touch with not only our own bodies, but with all of nature itself. Rather than taking care of ourselves and the natural world around us (of which we and our bodies are a part), we focus on all the wrong things (getting things done, keeping up with the Joneses, rushing here and there, keeping our minds busier and busier with stuff that really doesn’t matter. And when things go wrong with our body or with something in the natural world, we get all bent out of shape and look for artificial cures and solutions — being reactive rather than proactive.

    You are absolutely right on here, Steve. If we simply slow down and pay attention, our body speaks to us in very simple ways that we can understand if we will simply listen. In doing so we will avoid a lot of problems. Keep in mind that disease is really dis-ease.

    • A thoughtful comment Steve.

      That focus on all the wrong things is something I have to continually be aware of myself (it’s so easy to fall into isn’ it?), and the fact that we’re one part of the world around us is something that never ceases to amaze me. Both in terms of the wonders of nature as well as how we’re abusing this little planet of ours.

      Reading whatyou say about a disease being dis-ease made me stop and think. As someone with a chronic illness I’m all too aware of how my body is and what it needs, and I do what I can to honour that. But I think there’s a truth in there around imbalance, pace and alignment. Thanks Steve.

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