Real Confidence Is Not Glass

What is real confidence?

Well, it's many things, but it’s not glass.

  • If your confidence cracks when you’re feeling down or when you don’t know which way to go, then it’s not real confidence.
  • If your confidence splinters when things don’t go your way or when life throws you a curveball, then it’s not real confidence.
  • And if your confidence shatters when an insult is hurled at you or a failure is born, then it’s not real confidence.

Confidence that breaks like glass isn’t real confidence.

If it's that fragile, then it's just a veneer.

It acts like armour; something you wear to hide those fears that you might not be good enough, and to protect you from being seen and rejected.

It's a wall you put up when the way you want to be perceived by others is under threat.

And sometimes it's simply your ego, puffing itself up with self-importance in response to challenge or failure.

It's these times when you fail, feel vulnerable, or risk being rejected that it feels like your confidence shatters to pieces. Those are tough experiences that none of us relish, moments in life that make you doubt your worth and your value, and make you ask yourself Who am I trying to kid?, as you feel your confidence splinter and disappear.

Real confidence goes deeper...

It goes deep enough that it takes a crashing world to scratch it. So deep, that you sometimes forget it’s there altogether.

But it’s always there, right inside you, never going anywhere.

It's that place that allows you to feel at your best, to be flowing and to know what really matters to you.

It becomes a bedrock, a place you can deliberately shift your focus back to when you need something to trust. It acts as a foundation, a place that supports and guides you, not matter how crappy life gets. And it's cornerstone of who you are, telling you what resonates, what truly matters to you and which way is up.

This place can be forgotten or neglected, and we all do that from time to time, but it can’t be shattered. That's the most wonderful thing about it. It's always there, waiting for you to connect with it and apply it.

Real confidence, is not glass.

What will it take for you to own it?

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