A senior leader of an organisation once told me their staff didn't suffer from any confidence issues, so my services as a confidence coach weren't relevant.


I'd been inside that organisation, and time and time again I'd observed people:

  • holding back out of fear of screwing up
  • feeling out of their depth and like an imposter
  • feeling like they might get laughed out of the room, so they stayed quiet and prioritised fitting in instead

Even a couple of the most talented people told me they were struggling.

I share this with you because the truth is...

People at all levels struggle with confidence-related issues that impact their work, their effectiveness and their wellbeing.

And it's totally solvable.

Picture Two Different Leaders

Leader 1:

  • Is ready and willing to make meaningful decisions
  • Offers their insights because that's how they get to contribute
  • Doesn't compare themselves with others, and instead focuses on what they bring to the table
  • Is driven by their values, not by their fears
  • Engages fully with the work and with others

Leader 2:

  • Second guesses their decisions
  • Wants to fit in and be liked, or wants to be seen as perfect
  • Feels like everyone around them is better than they are and is always comparing themselves unfavourably
  • Expects that sooner or later they'll be found out, judged or blamed
  • Doubts their ability to really deliver


Confidence enables great work.

Confidence Coaching in Organisations

Confidence enables great work, and my focus is helping leaders at all levels of an organisation feel confident—in themselves, in their roles and especially when the pressure’s on.

The confidence I help people develop works in a couple of ways:

Bottom up

This builds a concrete foundation that can be trusted and leaned into. It sets up their values, strengths, talents and capabilities as a bedrock for trusting themselves.


This unlocks and shifts the patterns of thinking that get in the way of confidence. All that fear, doubt, second-guessing, people-pleasing, perfectionism, etc, is unblocked.

It's way more than teaching a leader to give confident presentations or how to chair a meeting with aplomb. That’s outer confidence, and it’s ten-a-penny.

Instead, my leadership coaching is about:

  • Helping a new starter or the newly promoted feel confident in their role
  • Coaching in confidence to allow for more innovation and more effective communication
  • Working with leaders on their wellbeing and sense of efficacy
  • Engaging without Imposter Syndrome
  • Helping leaders get more comfortable with uncertainty
  • and so much more...

I offer a range of proven tactics and strategies that I’ve learned since I specialised as a confidence coach back in 2007. Everything is designed to build and nurture a natural confidence that allows leaders to be who they are and to bring their best to what they do.

This stuff gets my heart thumping, because it makes all the difference.


I hate to generalise because this isn’t really a one size fits all kind of thing.

But in an effort to be helpful (I do try), I want to offer a sense of a couple of frameworks for how this works.

Embedding knowledge

This is about embedding elements of my confidence coaching method within your Leadership & Development team so you can roll with it. Typically this needs at least one member of the L&D team to be coached by me in order to understand how it works from the coachee point of view, plus training to embed appropriate parts of my coaching method internally.

One to one coaching

When it comes to self-confidence, everyone’s in a different spot. Using everything I know about building and nurturing confidence, I work one on one with leaders at every level to coach them based on where they’re at and what they need. Typically this runs for a minimum of 3 months (2 sessions per month), and bundles of sessions and coaching “days” offer economy of scale.

Each session lasts for one hour, and they can be booked separately or as bundles for your organisation or team.

Get in touch

I honestly believe that confidence is the number one quality that unlocks great work.

So if it’s useful for us to connect and talk about the challenges in your business or team, or how confidence might help your leaders, I’d love to hear from you. Those are the conversations I relish.

Fill in the form below or send me a mail on steve at confidence dot coach.

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