The Confident Leader

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This is the only course that helps you deal with all the pressure, anxiety and fear you experience as a leader, giving you greater peace of mind and freeing you up to do great work.

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Course Structure


Chapter 1 | A Strong Foundation 2 Lessons

Kick-off – How to get the most from the course

I want to make sure you get everything you can from the course, so to kick things off in the best possible way, here are 3 ways you can get the most from The Confident Leader.

Lesson 1 | Confidence 101

In this lesson, we start to lay a solid foundation for what confidence is for you. We'll look at defining what confidence feels like to you, dig into your beliefs around confidence and take a glimpse into some tricky, hidden triggers.


Chapter 2 | The Big Traps of Leadership 4 Lessons


In this short introduction I'll give you an overview of what chapter 2 is all about.

Lesson 2 | Perfectionism

In this lesson we'll look at what perfectionism - that drive to be seen as perfect - does for you. I'll show you what it wants and why it's there, and we'll go through 3 concrete strategies for stopping it.

Lesson 3 | People-pleasing

This lesson is all about the urge we sometimes get to please the people around us, rather than doing what we feel is appropriate. As a leader, that hurts you. As a human, it damages you. So this lesson gives you 3 strategies for dealing with it.

Lesson 4 | Proving yourself

We all like to be recognised for what we do, but that becomes a big problem when you go out of your way to prove yourself as a means for validating who you are. In this lesson we'll look at the desire to prove yourself, and 3 ways to avoid this trap.


Chapter 3 | Strategies for Better Thinking 5 Lessons


Your brain is a thought machine. It produces thoughts all day long, every day. Some are helpful to you as a leader (and a human being), and some aren't. So in chapter 3 we'll look at key strategies for thinking better, so you can lead better.

Lesson 5 | Expectations

In this lessonĀ I'll show you how the expectations you have can drastically affect your experience and your ability to lead confidently.

We'll look at how your expectations serve to create more second-guessing, pressure and frustration, and we'll go through clear steps for stopping these expectations hurting your confidence and limiting your results.

Lesson 6 | Comparison

We're hardwired to compare ourselves with people around us. But sometimes that only serves to create more insecurity and to drive us towards conformity. This lesson picks that apart and gives you 3 strategies to stop comparisons damaging you and your ability to lead.

Bonus Lesson | Groupthink

In this bonus lesson I'll give you a couple of ways to lead confidently and speak up, rather than succumb to groupthink (i.e. that urge to follow the "wisdom" of the group instead of your own experience).

Lesson 7 | Discomfort

I fundamentally believe that discomfort is essential to good leadership and a good life, and it's something we often resist because it's, well, damn uncomfortable. Here then, we'll look at the experience of discomfort and how to change it to something that's more...comfortable.


Chapter 4 | Applying Your Natural Confidence 5 Lessons


You were born with natural confidence, it's just that over time it gets easier to forget how to use it or that it's there at all. This chapter is all about connecting you with your natural confidence, giving you ways to feel it and to leverage it. It's pretty cool.

Lesson 8 | Asset Clarity

Getting clear on the assets you have gives you the ability to lean into them, use them, and trust them. In this lesson we'll get clarity on your achievements, your experience, your talents and your strengths, so that you can connect with them, have confidence in them, and use them.

Lesson 9 | At Your Best

You know that feeling of being at your best? Being at the top of your game, feeling that sense of flow, firing on all cylinders, just being you, freely? That's what you're like when you're at your best, and this lesson will help you leverage that.

Bonus Lesson | Weaknesses

Given that you have a whole universe of assets and have wiring woven through you that allows you to be at your best, this is a great time to look at how to better manage your weaknesses (those things that you might often beat yourself up for).

Lesson 10 | Building Your Toolkit

We've covered a lot of ground. And to finish the course with a bang I want to give you tangible and actionable tactics that you can put into your toolkit and bring out when you need that boost of support or confidence.


To Finish... 1 Lesson

Wrapping Things Up

Phew. We've covered a lot of ground, and thanks for your commitment through the course. Just a couple of thoughts to leave you with.

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