Curiosity Is Ready

Let’s say there’s something you’d like to start (and chances are, there is). Could be getting back into the dating world, starting up that creative project, making that career leap or moving to a different part of the country.

It’s just that the timing’s a little off. The pieces aren’t all in place. You just don’t feel ready.

So you wait.

You wait for the timing to be right. You wait for the pieces to align. And you wait until you feel ready.


You can remain stuck and wait your whole life for a mythical state of readiness to arrive, always checking to see if you have any more answers and how ready you feel.

But you don’t need all the answers. Like Sasquatch, cold fusion and self-cleaning ovens, I’m not sure that “all the answers” really exists.

“All the answers” is a made-up place.

All you need to start is the curiosity to see what might happen.

Being honestly curious to start exploring because there’s a chance for Something Wonderful to happen is plenty.

Have confidence in your own curiosity and your ability to explore.

To be curious is to be ready.

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