Leading feels more uncertain and
more demanding than ever, doesn't it?

Before COVID and before todays unprecedented uncertainty, leadership felt a lot more straightforward, didn't it? The rules of engagement were clearer. Delivery was easier. Motivation was simpler.

But that was then.

The playing field has shifted, and we're all adjusting to what is now.

How do you find a confident position to lead from when your office faces depleted teams and exhausted workers, with demands and priorities that continually change?

Your team and your organisation need you at your best now more than ever, but you've been through a lot in the past couple of years too. So of course self-doubt, the realities of running on empty, and your own feelings of anxiety and stress creep in. How could they not?

While you spend tremendous effort maintaining poise and composure on the outside, you're struggling on the inside.


For over 15 years and more than 30 contracts I ran successful teams in global organisations as a project leader and agile coach for highly complex, multi-departmental 7-figure projects. Maintaining an agile mindset, being ready to experiment and being open to adaption have never been more important. And as a coach for more than 20 years, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes successful organisations and leaders tick in times of uncertainty and change.

Now, I want to play my part in the most significant re-building of workplaces in modern times by focusing my energy and experience on helping you lead successfully in this difficult and dynamic environment. Not only so you can lead effectively right now, but so you can be prepared for whatever comes next.

I know it can feel lonely at the top, and my sweet spot is coaching leaders through the most difficult and personal challenges so they can lead with grounded, genuine confidence each and every day. No matter what the next day brings.

In my work, I guide clients to:

  • Master stress responses to maintain clarity and purpose
  • Metabolize uncertainty so it can be leveraged for growth
  • Trust their gut and experience instead of second-guessing
  • Identify new ways of connecting and helping your team as they deal with their challenges and hardships
  • Establish habits designed to fortify a more solid centre to lead from
  • Understand triggers around failure and comparison and deal with them productively
  • Flex the confidence muscles you already have in new ways
  • Maintain an agile mindset to stay open, curious and nimble

How it works

It couldn't be simpler.




A 90-120 minute deep dive to focus in on where we can make meaningful shifts, plus a 45-60 minute session to build momentum




Two 45-60 minute one-to-one sessions per month, for 5 months



Unlimited online support between sessions, so we can keep things moving

Deep shifts require deep commitment on both sides. As such, I work with a maximum of five 1:1 clients at any given time in 6-month engagements, with the option to continue after that on an ongoing basis.

I wasn’t sure how Steve could help me, but after each session I am amazed at how he did. He has an uncanny way of responding and riffing on a conversation that is just enough listening and advice combined. Really sharp guy.

Paul in Maine // Founder & CEO

My life and confidence have improved significantly as a result of working with Steve. At work, I am able to remain calm and confident, to know my strength and forgive my weaknesses with compassion. I think honestly his unwavering and genuine faith in me is the fundamental piece that made everything else effective.

Loreline in Florida // Marketing Exec

I know what you do is a service and your work but it really is one that changes lives. You are an amazing man Steve and you do outstanding work. One of the reasons I feel you do this so well and with integrity, is because you have empathy and experience and it nourishes you to help others

Tonya in LA // Entrepreneur

Start here

Please reach out to me directly on [email protected].

In your email I’d love to hear just a little bit about your situation, what's bubbling up and what brings you to me.

What it’s like to work with me

I’ll give you every ounce of focus I can muster. I’m your biggest supporter. And you can’t disappoint me.

My style is informal and light-hearted, even if we’re getting into some serious content, and while I have a wealth of tactics and strategies to help you, I approach each individual as a partner and guide, not a lecturer or know-it-all.

That doesn't mean that I won't pose what might be the toughest questions you’ve ever been asked, tell you what I'm seeing, or call you on your bullshit.

Everything's done in the spirit of curiosity and experimentation, with no wrong answers and no judgement.

Steve Errey