Start Building Your Confidence

Confidence is the difference between not feeling good enough (and that everyone else is better, somehow) and feeling like you’re good enough, just as you are, no matter what.

It's pretty damn wonderful, and my aim is to help you towards that end. Here are some products I've put together to help you do just that.

The Code

The Code


More useful than a mission statement and more practical than a manifesto, The Code is a living, breathing way of thinking and living that helps you get confidently out into the world to do what matters to you.

Packed with principles for showing up and living a full life, the Code is that wise, best friend you wish you had.

  • 32 principles for living confidently
  • Prompts and provocations for applying the principles
  • Covering everything from making decisions, to taking action to dealing with fear
Staying Up When You're Put Down

Staying Up When You're Put Down


It’s immensely damaging when someone who should be showing you respect puts you down or makes you feel small, but you don’t have to put up with it.

You deserve better.

  • Discover an amazing way to change how you experience hurtful put-downs
  • Learn how to safely grow your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Spot the patterns that lead to a put-down and how you can interrupt them
  • Find out what you can do if you’ve tried to change things but it’s just not working
  • Discover the things that will make the biggest difference to you
The Confident Leader

The Confident Leader


Become the leader you want to be (and the one your business needs) with the only confidence course for leaders.

10 parts over 4 chapters, with video coaching and downloadable workbooks at every step to help you deal with:

  • Frequent anxiety around screwing up in front of everyone
  • Heart-thumping, stomach-knotting fear of someone calling you out on not being good enough
  • Pressure to get the right results when you're really just making it up as you go
  • Taking it all on your shoulders, and feeling like you’re failing
  • Beating yourself up for not having this anxiety / not feeling good enough thing beat yet
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