The Secret of Leadership is Not Knowing

It's no secret that being a leader is, unsurprisingly, about leadership.

Making a call on which way to go. Figuring out where the priority is. Knowing how to get the best out of people.

When you have all the answers, you get to say, this is what we'll do, and doing it will get us to that place.

You know the answer, either because you've done it loads of times before and know it works, or because it's safe and predictable like old shoes.


And safe.

And predictable.

The fun stuff as a leader is when you don't know the answers and still have to bring people with you.

I say "fun stuff", but of course, it's terrifying too.

Sometimes leadership is palm-sweatingly, stomach-plungingly, what-the-hell-do-i-do-nowingly scary.

It's all-too easy to pull back from the fear and challenge, simply because it's so damn uncomfortable.

We're wired to avoid that.

But a leader who's prepared to be uncomfortable, who's prepared to step into the middle of that and still make choices because that's what matters?

That's real leadership.

  • Taking a chance because it matters.
  • Trusting someone because they might just create gold.
  • Rising to the challenge because what's at stake means something.
  • Improvising because you trust yourself to stretch.
  • Not knowing the right answer and still making a choice.

This is the secret.

Leadership is often more about discovering answers than it is knowing them.

I'd raise my game and follow that kind of leader in a heartbeat.

Wouldn't you?

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